Growing Veil, #2

“Keening pains for flesh of men, A gate of teeth you cannot bend. White and red and cold and dead, a lightless sun not shining. Deep inside it lies, a world of light, with secrets of undying.”

-Song of the Bitter White, fourth stanza


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Carving a bloody path through a trail of slavers, Faron escapes the desert and discovers the location of the lost city of Vam Aranath, ancient seat of the dead gods. This home of the immortal Archons—and his sister’s prison—hides above the Veil in the far north, where no man can go. To save his sister, Faron will have to brave the world of monsters and face the man who killed his father. When he does, the secrets he uncovers will shake the foundations of what he thinks he knows and change the world forever.

Bloodlines, Book Two of The Growing Veil Series, is a story of blood and sacrifice that explores dark themes of betrayal, the blurred line of morality, and the true meaning of family.