The gods are dead. The Veil is growing. The world is dying.

After losing his family in a devastating fire, Faron finds himself in the captivity of the slaver and criminal lord, Dageran. Forced to commit awful crimes in order to survive, Faron grapples with his conscience and morality until he hears whispers that an archaic society is stealing the blood of children to fuel their immortality, whispers that mean his twin sister, Hadria, might not be dead. Death would have been kinder.

With the help of an orphan-thief and an aged tavern-keeper, Faron must blur the lines of morality to escape his slavery and follow a trail of kidnapped children to find his sister. But will Faron find her before her nameday, and what will he find when he does?

Whispering subtle hints of age-old myths, The Growing Veil series is an epic gothic fantasy with elements of paranormal, mystery, and horror. This coming of age story dives deep into themes of the true meaning of family, the weight of guilt, the blurred line of morality, and the terrible cost of doing what’s right.

A suspenseful literary work, Bloodlet is the first book in The Growing Veil series, which continues in Bloodlines and Bloodlust.

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“Keening pains for flesh of men, A gate of teeth you cannot bend. White and red and cold and dead, a lightless sun not shining. Deep inside it lies, a world of light, with secrets of undying.”

-Song of the Bitter White, fourth stanza

Carving a bloody path through a trail of slavers, Faron escapes the desert and discovers the location of the lost city of Vam Aranath, ancient seat of the dead gods. This home of the immortal Archons—and his sister’s prison—hides above the Veil in the far north, where no man can go. To save his sister, Faron will have to brave the world of monsters and face the man who killed his father. When he does, the secrets he uncovers will shake the foundations of what he thinks he knows and change the world forever.

Bloodlines, Book Two of The Growing Veil Series, is a story of blood and sacrifice that explores dark themes of betrayal, the blurred line of morality, and the true meaning of family.

Bloodlines, book two of the Growing Veil series, is available as paperback or on Kindle at this link.

Would you commit genocide to prevent extinction? Slaughter thousands to save millions? When the only victory is pyrrhic, is it worth fighting at all?

The growing Veil descends on the world with monsters in its wake, and it isn’t stopping. Among the Archons of Vam Aranath, Faron will have to choose between abandoning the world to certain extinction, or slaughtering thousands of innocents and subjugating all who remain in order to save it. No matter what he chooses, the world will never be the same.

Bloodlust is the culmination of a grimdark trilogy, exploring the true meaning of family, the blood-soaked reality of immortality, and the terrible cost of doing what’s right.

Bloodlust, book three of the Growing Veil series, is available as for pre-order at this link.