The gods are dead. The Veil is growing. The world is dying.

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Some men kill for coin, others for glory, but Faron is worse. Pressured by the ever-present threat of his criminal lord, Faron kills for a few weeks more to live—a blood price to keep him alive a little longer—but the longer he lives… the less he wants to. In the depths of his struggle against his death wish, Faron finds the one thing more dangerous than the darkness of his guilt: hope.

Whispers of his sister and the truth surrounding her death threaten to topple Faron’s balance of survival because after everything that’s happened—the fire, the white-haired man, and the wolves—there’s some small chance that she’s still alive. Pursued by his master’s assassin, Faron flees his violent enslavement to find her trail, racing against time and the flames of his past while uncovering the secrets of a forgotten city and a bloody society of immortals.

Thrust into the secret turnings of the world, Faron becomes inexorably involved in the plots and machinations of those who would enslave humanity to save them from the Growing Veil. As the gradient line between wrong and right grows ever more blurred and gray, Faron will do anything it takes to save his sister…

Even if it kills him.

Character-driven. Morally gray. Emotionally enthralling.

The Growing Veil series is T.S. Howard’s harrowing debut, a suspenseful literary work and human story of survivorship, morality, and immortality.